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Maintenance and Repair Services

Maintenance and Repair Services; Maintenance, repair and operation of the plant is as important as the construction and installation. Due to the services to be provided within this scope, a healthy facility can be operated on average 8,300 hours per year. This means an average of 8.3 million kWh of electricity per MW per year. […]

Supply of Experts

Supply of Expert; In this context, a full-time maintenance and repair team is on site. This team has received the relevant trainings in a real-size plant operation and has the necessary knowledge and experience in plant maintenance and repair. The maintenance and repair team operates in the fields of spare and consumable material stocks, work […]

Operation of Power Plants

Operation of Power Plants; The construction, installation, assembling, maintenance and repair of the plants under optimum conditions is very important and operation is also very important. A power plant consists of several stages. Each stage can be considered as a plant. Therefore, the operation of the plant is important. Due to our technology network with […]